Wednesday, February 27, 2013

intro to Pretty Little Studio Design Team, crocheting, and snow... first layout! Gosh it feels good to be creating again!

not only did I do a layout, i learned to crochet this last weekend! my friend Lynne taught us! i am addicted!

but back to the Pretty Little Studio intro!

i can not tell you how excited i am. Melissa the owner and creator is over the top talented and has a FANTASTIC eye and does it ALL from her house!! WOW! and it is quality stuff! nothing i was sent in my DT box wasn't just SUPER cute and usable!!

so not only am i being introduced, but there is a giveaway! i had to pick a favorite product. uh... OK. (NOOOOO!!!!) so i picked any of the banners. yeah. they are go narrowing it down. so any of the banners from the BIRTHDAY CAKE line then. i couldn't pick which one! so head over for my intro and get yourself entered to win!!

here is my layout.

i JUST had these pictures out because Gavin had to have a baby picture sent to school. i dug out his first birthday pictures... cuz the Birthday Cake line of product could NOT sit any longer since it's journey here! i love to combine different banners... so though banners have been around awhile, i still like to add them on occasion. this one is a mix of different "Birthday Cake" banners and tabs.

the "misting" stencil? i cut the heart by hand, and then i misted red around it. and didn't like it. then i decided to STAMP the red onto my project. then i used the stencil again to mist a different color around it!

the banners in this collection are plenty! i didn't even use all the banner packs! 
 ...and you know me. the story in any layout matters...
Melissa is so very generous, she is offering a giveaway for EACH designer announced. (after we were given the impossible task of picking our "favorite" product!) 

so go on over to my intro and give a shout out and enter yourself to win! 

or-about that crocheting.

we had a girls weekend this last weekend. the goal is USUALLY to laugh, eat and shop. maybe in that order... 
Lynne there... with her head thrown back. (we HAD to be her most cheerful students, and maybe her first!) 
let me start by saying it was a lot of fun! we had a couple rough starts in the learning process. but we stayed the course!
 your kidding right? i am making something?
 this is about where i left off first night...
 this was after a couple nights of chipping away...
 this is my cat appreciating (or not) my work. follow the yarn. it's under there, my scarf.
i have already started "pinning" a ton of stuff. and there is a local store about 3 minutes drive from my house, called "knit & knot". can't wait to check it out! i already bought yarn to make cora a scarf before we left our girls weekend.

yesterdays snow storm was SO very pretty i went out to get some shots of the trees... and ended up taking a ton of my silly dog. i would kick the snow toward her and she would "attack" the pieces as they came lofting at her...
 run and JUMP! or leap. like tigger!!
 seriously! silly dog!

 this is what i was SUPPOSE to be taking pictures of... and i did. a LOT. it was so beautiful!
and i couldn't come inside until i made a snow dude! It was so wet and perfect, the snow. didn't roll well, but patting on the chunks worked well.
 tried out taking some pics of the birds on the feeders from my cozy chair too...
and my favorite of the day is this one i captured out the window of Gabe and Cora having nerf adventures in the back yard!

thanks for stopping by! now go to the PLS blog! go!!
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