Thursday, August 29, 2013

pretty little studio: out of the box

the inspiration for "out of the box" for me this month does nothing to calm my need to be by the ocean (more). it IS my happy place!

so right to my last beach vacation pictures i went!

i may be a big fan of cutting machine and die cutting machines, but sometimes just tracing something works too... a plate, or in this case a flip flop. come to find out the flip flop, now outgrown is the flip flop that Cora wore when we went on this vacation. (the box of outgrown shows conveniently waiting to go to goodwill!)

simple, but implies what i had planned!

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

sketch time!! (pretty little studio)

i am kinda embarrassed. (well, maybe not)
USUALLY i murder a sketch. or at least try to be uber creative in my use of it.

for two months in a row, i have like my assigned sketches so much, i did them a LITTLE but literally!
this is a great sketch! ESPECIALLY when your favorite paper from "nature walk" comes right to ming (arrows) when you see it!

so here is the sketch:

and here is my layout: 

ok. so i didn't go nuts or anything. but that's ok. sometimes the best thing about sketches is that they are time saving and creative in their own right, right? 

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Friday, August 9, 2013

HA! (pretty little studio)

this picture just makes me laugh! it was an evening like any other. my husband decided to make brownies....

...and splatter the batter all over the kitchen!!

it isn't even in focus. but when i saw the picture in my stash i thought i had to get the story down before it was a story lost.

little moments. moments that make us laugh. i love to laugh!

this "manly" line by "pretty little studio" is perfect for this and anything else my boys (and boy dogs) can dish up!

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