Thursday, December 13, 2012

december daily drop out... and portable printers. (UPDATED 1/3/13)

ok... so ya have to start something to fail at it, right? i didn't even really start.
so how can i salvage my december album? take out the "daily"!?!
i bought a doodlebug album...

why do i have to do daily pages? why can't it just be the highlights...
i will see where that leads.

i decided that i would use christmas scrap stuff i owned as it was. so at least i didn't collect anything for it... besides the album...

i also nixed the advent schedule... i have a list of things to do. we do them at random. no daily pressure. i have too many things going on for that...

i also decided, since the smash albums were on sale at target, i would be the 365 book, and carry it with me. so i am on the lookout for purse that will hold the thing. and i am shopping for a printer that prints out lil poloroid looking prints. why do they not have lil protable printers that you plug into your iphone and print on the spot? why????

maybe they do have something new... i'll have to google that. i can't believe that isn't a "thing" yet. I can take pictures easy enough... why not print as easy??

ok-here is what i found:

the fujifilm pivi seems to be d/c'd everywhere ( i first heard of it from Amy Tan a couple of years ago) ... which make no sense to me. you would think more scrapbookers would want on the go printing.

then i saw the polaroid GL-10. which seems like a interesting alternative... but i don't fully understand if it is iphone compatible.

and then there is the photo cube... which would be an easy alternative if i just wanted to print my days pics when i got home. guess that is an option. looks like the pics are less than $1 each too (the pivi prints are just about a buck)

or i would nix using my iphone and use another camera when out and about (like this polaroid z-230)... but i don't see that happening since i like to upload to instagram and facebook... 

so right now the cube is ahead of the game... but i would love a truly portable printer for my iphone. WHY hasn't this been invented?? why???

if you know something i don't, please fill me in!!

i purchased this for carrying with me/for fun:
(click image for link to amazon)

and my husband purchased this printer for me for Christmas-it took some computer engineer adds/finagling to get it to be truly wireless from my iphone 5... but it is now, and i LOVE it!
(again, click image for link to amazon) 

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Friday, December 7, 2012

i'm alive...

...but that is just it.
i am in the middle of figuring out how and why, and even IF i want to blog.
i don't want to just put up pictures of my layouts and not share my life.
i don't want a job of JUST plugging scrapbooking product, and not have some bigger purpose for this blog. who is going to use it as a journal of who i am, if all i ever post is current scrapbook trends and product and the layouts i had due. (which i don't right now...)
not that isn't important if i am designing... but i don't want it to be "all" that i post. kwim? a pause about it. because i DO have things to share! i am not touching anyone if i DO share and it isn't about what matters.

and what matters to me right now??

my faith.
my family.
my trials.
my grief.
my escapes.
my joy. (which can include "creating!")
my lack of joy.

so how do i get into a routine to post about what matters?
because if i had to think who it matters to that i write at all-who is that?

people that love me.
people that relate to me or my faith...
or my trials... or my grief... or...

so be patient with me-anyone that is still out there.
because it is at a time in my life where i have to figure out what it the best use of my time.
how can i glorify Him and use the gifts i was given in a way that matters?

...i'll get back to you on that!

in the meantime, make one of these: 
just go here and choose your text and colors and icon... it is very addictive!
see... can't stop once you start!
ok-one more!

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


i don't want to let go of fall.
as i watch people put up christmas decorations (i can't dis thanksgiving this way... decorating for christmas for me is the weekend following thanksgiving!!) i can't help but feel rushed...

so in n effort to stal further, i think a halloween (better late than never) post is in order!

yeah... this was our "pumpkin patch" again this year... the local grocery store.
i really don't think the kids mind. they are just as enthusiastic as they ever were at the real patch...

 ya almost can't tell we aren't at the real thing here! :)
carving is the best part! this year, no taping paper and making 1000 punches. we picked faces from pinterest pictures that we freehanded on the pumpkins with a sharpie, and carved. i can't say i object! they turned out great! 
 Elsa's first halloween... she is very interested!
 grandma Sue was jumping in to help the "woolies" clean out he pumpkins!
 not bad huh?? yeah. i did the "poking" pumpkin... though i guess he only got to 'puke' leaves, cuz i never got the goo out for him! :)
this being Gavin's 6th grade year, it is doubtful he will trick or treat again... maybe. we'll see. he says next year he will stay at the fire that is now our tradition in the driveway while handing out candy. (daddy stays home, i go with the kids...) 
 the "gang" in eldridge. I cannot believe we trick or treated 3 times this year!
it is really, really sad to see things like this end! Gavin's last halloween parade at school! (before these, there was "dress as a book character day", so either way he got to dress up at school!) 
Gabe as batmad there... encouraging the lil kids! 
 I hadn't seen this "game". the kids LOVED it!
we lucked out, the weather! 
 Aston was truly stressed by it all. not.
 i have had a lot of people asking about the house... when i am going to post pics... when it isn't a disaster! but i have been having a LOT of fun adding all the color i can!
so how about you? when do you decorate for christmas?? 

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Pebbles Inc Guest Designer!!

it's time for my guest desigh gig for Pebbles Inc.!
i am SUCH a lucky girl!

i was given some FABULOUS product to work with!
and i am thrilled to find out there is also a GIVEAWAY posted with my GD gig! 

so head on over and leave a comment about which of my layouts is your favorite, and your entered for a chance to win!!

here are my layouts... including 2 more i did after the first 4, cuz i just couldn't help myself!

this is what i came up with EACH time i tried to clean up my Pebbles mess! :) 
(and there was a MESS! each time i create, darn it!) 


this 8 1/2x11 i threw in a frame... 

and this simple layout was easy but fun to make... i am not a card maker, but those ll pads of paper sure make it easy to make smaller frames and things! 

thanks for stopping by! 
be sure to head on over to the Pebbles Inc blog for your chance to win!! 
i would laugh if it was one of our local girls!! (Colleen-cough! LOL!) 

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

another Pebbles Inc sneak peek!

every time i try to clean up the mess from creating with Pebbles Inc (it's been sitting here for days and days mind you!) i make another "something".

this time the halloween line (tricks and treats) called to me again...

here is a lil sneak!

check out the Pebbles Inc blog regularly! it is FULL of inspiration!!

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Monday, October 29, 2012

make a dent monday...

yep... bringing back my "make a dent monday" feature.

ok-so it never really was a "regular" thing. but it is a great idea for those of us that have a TON of scrappy supplies that they want to use, but maybe it is considered "old", or without some inspiration, ya might not use the leftovers of a kit or collection.

for this weeks "make a dent" layout, i went back to the Pebbles Inc. product i was JUST using-but couldn't help but glance at a couple pieces of GREAT patterned papers i didn't get to...

i loved the colors so much, i grabbed a frame on hand and used it to showcase this colorful tribute to our spoiled pup! 

so there ya go... makin' a dent.
next week, i HAVE to dive into some oldies...

scrap anything with "old" paper you just couldn't part with? or paper you never noticed before but now just LOVE? i'd love to see!

(SCROLL DOWN and get on on the discount and giveaway!!)

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's about time!!! (and a GIVEAWAY!!)

time to start a new blog!
VERY overdue!
i decided it would be easier to get a new blog, than try to redo the last one.
and it has it's own memories of sorts.

so here we are!!
i am digitally impaired, but somehow i managed to make a banner/header, and buy and add text to lil banners for the sidebars. it is kinda embarrassing to admit just how long it took me to do those, and text, etc. etc... i used free editing tools (fotoflexer). it works for now. too cheap to hire someone.

i think instead of doing some INSANELY long blog post about what i have been up to, i think i will recap as i go! i HAVE to at least go back a couple weeks to my attending Whatever Craft Weekend!! FUN!

ok-the giveaway!

local girls!! did you know that Addicted to Rubber Stamps is here in bettendorf?? it is an online store, but you can pick up for free! yay! and my friend Angie Balk (went to whatever craft weekend with me!) works there!! i am so excited to hear about all this!!

enter Coupon Code PENNY for 25% off one item!
(think album or kit or paper collection!!)
good through November 12th!!

so the giveaway...

PUNCHES! yay!!
the first one is purrrfect for halloween!! here kitty kitty!
Fiskars easy grip cat punch!

and are you REALLY to start Christmas decorations? i am!! seriously ready!
how about this Fiskars stocking border punch??

(could you just see punching this on several papers and making the lil socks different patterns??) 
thank you "addicted to rubber stamps" for these items!

(FYI!! Lawn Fawn is 15% off right now!!)

How can ya get in the drawing?

from now until november 12th you can do this:

1) "Like" them (Addicted to Rubber Stamps) on Facebook.
2) "Like" the post about this giveaway on the Addicted to Rubber Stamps Facebook page.
3)  follow me here! (all of my followers are back on my other blog!! :) all "followers" are a part of any of my giveaways!
4) bonus entry for commenting here too!

that's it!

what other awesomeness is happening around here?
(ok, i'll be honest. we have lots of everyday wonderful, but awesomeness is rarer.)
i was asked to guest design for PEBBLES INC! they have LONG been one of my favorites!

here are the sneaks of my FOUR layouts!
(it felt SOOO good to scrap again! i am ready to hit it again!)

go check out the Pebbles Inc Facebook page, and their blog for awesome ideas and giveaways!
you will LOVE their collections!! i do! we go! the journey continues. but hey. ya know what they say! it's about the journey...

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Friday, October 26, 2012

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