Thursday, December 13, 2012

december daily drop out... and portable printers. (UPDATED 1/3/13)

ok... so ya have to start something to fail at it, right? i didn't even really start.
so how can i salvage my december album? take out the "daily"!?!
i bought a doodlebug album...

why do i have to do daily pages? why can't it just be the highlights...
i will see where that leads.

i decided that i would use christmas scrap stuff i owned as it was. so at least i didn't collect anything for it... besides the album...

i also nixed the advent schedule... i have a list of things to do. we do them at random. no daily pressure. i have too many things going on for that...

i also decided, since the smash albums were on sale at target, i would be the 365 book, and carry it with me. so i am on the lookout for purse that will hold the thing. and i am shopping for a printer that prints out lil poloroid looking prints. why do they not have lil protable printers that you plug into your iphone and print on the spot? why????

maybe they do have something new... i'll have to google that. i can't believe that isn't a "thing" yet. I can take pictures easy enough... why not print as easy??

ok-here is what i found:

the fujifilm pivi seems to be d/c'd everywhere ( i first heard of it from Amy Tan a couple of years ago) ... which make no sense to me. you would think more scrapbookers would want on the go printing.

then i saw the polaroid GL-10. which seems like a interesting alternative... but i don't fully understand if it is iphone compatible.

and then there is the photo cube... which would be an easy alternative if i just wanted to print my days pics when i got home. guess that is an option. looks like the pics are less than $1 each too (the pivi prints are just about a buck)

or i would nix using my iphone and use another camera when out and about (like this polaroid z-230)... but i don't see that happening since i like to upload to instagram and facebook... 

so right now the cube is ahead of the game... but i would love a truly portable printer for my iphone. WHY hasn't this been invented?? why???

if you know something i don't, please fill me in!!

i purchased this for carrying with me/for fun:
(click image for link to amazon)

and my husband purchased this printer for me for Christmas-it took some computer engineer adds/finagling to get it to be truly wireless from my iphone 5... but it is now, and i LOVE it!
(again, click image for link to amazon) 

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