Friday, December 7, 2012

i'm alive...

...but that is just it.
i am in the middle of figuring out how and why, and even IF i want to blog.
i don't want to just put up pictures of my layouts and not share my life.
i don't want a job of JUST plugging scrapbooking product, and not have some bigger purpose for this blog. who is going to use it as a journal of who i am, if all i ever post is current scrapbook trends and product and the layouts i had due. (which i don't right now...)
not that isn't important if i am designing... but i don't want it to be "all" that i post. kwim? a pause about it. because i DO have things to share! i am not touching anyone if i DO share and it isn't about what matters.

and what matters to me right now??

my faith.
my family.
my trials.
my grief.
my escapes.
my joy. (which can include "creating!")
my lack of joy.

so how do i get into a routine to post about what matters?
because if i had to think who it matters to that i write at all-who is that?

people that love me.
people that relate to me or my faith...
or my trials... or my grief... or...

so be patient with me-anyone that is still out there.
because it is at a time in my life where i have to figure out what it the best use of my time.
how can i glorify Him and use the gifts i was given in a way that matters?

...i'll get back to you on that!

in the meantime, make one of these: 
just go here and choose your text and colors and icon... it is very addictive!
see... can't stop once you start!
ok-one more!

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