Thursday, March 21, 2013

out of the box... Pretty Little Studio...

my turn at pretty little studio to create something "out of the box".

i LOVE inspiration challenges. though i will admit it... i didn't connect the current challenges inspiration with my project. i just got LUCKY that there are circles present in both!!
but i will say i just love the inspiration that was chosen, so i am sharing it regardless!

this picture is stunning... color. anything that includes this much color, i'm in!

when thinking "out of the box" i STARTED with an idea to use one of those cups that has an insert that you could put in your own paper or pictures into... and had i gotten my inspiration right, it would have been a FANTASTIC idea to add "sprinkles" to that mug insert... but a) it truly bugged me that the plastic wasn't clear on the mug, and b) my design wasn't in one spot on the mug, but wrapped around a bit, so it was IMPOSSIBLE to get a good picture... no matter the props I used or angle I took the picture... so i scrapped it and moved on.

(here it is (unedited)... just to prove what a disaster it was! ha!)
so i moved on to a lil embroidery hoop project! though i am professed layout girl, i do occasionally enjoy creating a decor item. i have a box of things just waiting to be altered... and in there i had a bag of 3 hoops, this being the smallest, that i got for $2 at the vintage store. 

i am craving spring... and since i like something i can leave up, it's spring... though it hints easter. (that bunny is killin' me he's so dang cute!) 

want to see one of the BEST pinterest boards EVER for embroidery hoop art inspiration?? 

but one of my favorites has to be on the walls of meg duerksen "whatever craft weekend" house. 

click this picture and it takes you to the blog entry when i was granted the blessing to attend craft weekend! 
here is her christmas display.
i am going to HAVE to do a hoop wall display at some point... not like i don't have the cute fabric for it...
i saw this great idea too... i kinda have a thing for vintage sheets. i can still remember the pink and orange floral i had myself as a kid. so this type of display speaks to me. 

follow the link on pinterest to the tutorial on this display and putting fabric in hoops.

have any "hoop" inspiration?? 

be sure to stop by the "pretty little studio" blog daily for new inspiration!! 

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