Friday, April 26, 2013

Pretty Little Studio - "Elsa"

my turn to create... and it was a "free" day! i love when i get to do "whatever"!

digging through my pretty little studio treasure, i noticed the adorable dog tags and circles in my stash!
since i have the CUTEST dog on the planet, and a ton of pictures to scrap, i decided to go with a dog layout!

so i picked a few select tidbits and got one of my favorite pictures out!

i have not tied of spray mist! and i revisited the art of doodling a bit. when working with a white background and light colored cards and papers, a simple outline of a black pen can make a huge difference.

my current favorite spray mist is all the colors by heidi swap-color shine. they are truly vibrant colors with a sheen that i LOVE! if you haven't picked any up, so!

thanks for stopping by! be sure to check out the pretty little studio blog for LOTS of inspiration!

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