Friday, May 31, 2013

last day of school

cora didn't go to school the first day with her brothers...
so that is why there isn't a group shot on the first day.
i am not organized enough to realize i needed a "all three" shot to compare at the end of the year. oops.
but CHECK out Gavin at the beginning of the year...
(Gavin-6th, Gabe-4th, Cora-3rd)

and look him on the last day of they year!! (GASP!!)
what HAPPENED to the kid?? i KNEW i should have stopped feeding him this year. ha.

glasses were new for the boys this year too!
(i WILL be growing those bangs out on Cora. we tried it. nah.)
Gabe grew too, and Gavin is STILL so much bigger! crazy!!

this picture of the boys says it all!

Gavin is wearing his "Professor "G" shirt his grandma got him (he loves it) and Gabe is wearing one of his Nerf shorts (and mismatched socks)... and check out the hair and the expression... perfect!

i love my kids! but i am sad that this was the last day of elementary school for Gavin. he is so excited about jr. high... i agree with his cousin (a teacher) in her option of "jr. high is a cesspool of evil." nailed it. but i think we have him prepared. and he is still communicating well with us. and i pray alot... bases covered i hope!

glad i did this post! it is fun to see the differences in them! even lil miss grew this year! she had a FABULOUS year with services at hopewell! Pleasant Valley ROCKS! i am so impresses so far!

...onward to summer fun!!
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  1. I am sure that you will be okay with "Blackhawk Junior High" Okay really it is now Pleasant Valley junior High but many years ago it was BlackHawk. There is still even a picture of Chief BlackHawk in the one hallway.