Wednesday, July 24, 2013

dolphin encounter (pretty little studio)

a few years back (man time flies) we finally took a family vacation after NINE years. (a real vacation, not just a weekend away).
we went to california.
to the area i use to live.
to a house i found on VRBO for TEN days.
a block from the beach. by my favorite beach in the world (so far. and i have been to a LOT of beaches).

one of the things that makes this beach a favorite is that you can walk for miles-days even, and it never stops. "rio del mar". no high rises. just a coffee shop, a motel, and regular houses. i love it here. and dogs are allowed. (we didn't have a dog with us, but when i lived there i would regularly walk my dogs on this beach.)

i digress. so my kids got to meet the dolphins i use to train. keep in mind when i left california, i had no kids. so this was a tad surreal. but wonderful. truly wonderful.
this was one of my favorite pictures of the day.

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