Monday, January 21, 2013

Make a dent Monday...

ok, so usually "make-a-dent-monday" is meant for using scrapbook layouts out of supplies i have on hand... new or old. but to just make SOMETHING with all the stuff i already have!!

but something about "make-a-dent" seemed to work with my scrap room... i had a friend over (thank you Kelly!) and we "made-a-dent"!!

so here it where it was to start:

yep... this is where it was when we started...
a mess.
(we moved to this house in June last year... overdue to say the least!)

the rest of the room. there is a table under those boxes and bins!

we started unloading boxes and putting things away.
and Kelly even made me put up this slat board.
(i plan on framing it out with molding.)
and we got up these ikea bins up too... 

so there is a sneak peek! lots more to come!!

what are your favorite scrap/craft room ideas? what are your favorite pins?

i am thinking i am heading over to a vintage store i found out just got some old square upright lockers!
oh the ideas!! (maybe my room should be bigger!)

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