Sunday, January 13, 2013

Two Peas CHA Winter Challenge...

i don't usually do these kinds of challenges... not because i don't think they are a good idea, but because i never remember to get them done. but i have this page open last night at a crop, to spur my creativity.

it worked. (i think.)

i started with the cocoa daisy january kit (this is my first kit with them... i was getting just the monthly stamp subscription, but decided to get some new product added to my arsenal... how better than a kit, right?)

the challenge i did was "use one color" (primarily)

so that metallic strip with holes is the leftovers from sequins, apparently.
looks like a great mask to me.
and the ink collected on it after i used it as a mask? great "stamp"!
(see the difference... the "negative" and "positive"?)

don't you just love the arrow (stamps)!

i still just love using stencils and spray ink (and paint and spray ink... and regular ink...) it allows me to me more creative. to not just shuffle paper around (which i am not all the great at). and i still love "white space". i can't bring myself to fill a page very often... 

the details are what thrill me... the unexpected little details. 

even if you don't submit your creations, you may just find a challenge to get the creative juices flowing... 
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