Tuesday, January 8, 2013

SMACK stuff and Couch to 5K...

so i am a realist. most of the time. i know my own weaknesses. i try to challenge myself. yes. and i win and fail just like everyone else.

cleaned up the first and lower level of the house for Thanksgiving. win. 
kept it clean until Christmas. WIN! (i know. i am still glowing from that victory.)

project life the first year becky higgins came out with it. EPIC fail. 
i made 2 months... not quite a full 2 months. 

so i am trying to decide if i can keep it up. i love the idea. i have an instant printer. it is the idea of starting and adding anything new to our day. but i have time... 

the project life album idea is still on the table... and i am waiting for me PL kit for studio calico... (great excuse to wait to start. neat.) and before i ever started to consider accomplishing a PL album, i decided to carry WITH me a SMASH 365 book. 

so here is how my brain works. ha! i have to use a bag that i can CARRY the smash book with me, or i won't keep up. that is what i have in my head anyway... so i try out a bag that i got last year from fossil that was meant for a laptop bag i think. too big. i lasted 2 days with that mammoth thing. 

so off to dillard's i go. i have it in my head it will be another fossil bag. i like fossil. and this is the time of year the fall fossil bags go on clearance. so lots of not-so-perfect candidates to look at. and then it happens... i wonder past and end up in the VERA BRADLEY section! yikes! i did a lil question posing on instagram. "is vera bradely "old lady"?" i get the go encouragement i need to keep the bag i bought. you see i had the SMASH album with me... so i knew for sure what size i needed... 

i ended up with the vera bradely va va bloom mailbag. 

that flap, conceals a section separate from the main compartment... 
so i keep my SMASH album here... 
*the day i started... i THEN noticed my SMASH album is bound upside down. true story. ((sigh)) 

that pocket in front of the section i keep my album?? 
that is where i keep a date stamp (studio calico), SMASH washi tapes (easy to tear on the go) adhesive (yes, the pen has glue, but it's nice having a roller on hand!) and some lil envelopes... i plan on throwing in a lil black cats eye black ink for the stamp so i can date stamp on the go too! 

and my stuff... it has plenty of room for all on it's own! (sorry for the bad pic... hard to take a picture of the inside of your purse! :) ) 

so this is what i have done to keep me accountable! and the idea assessable. i am a "out of sight, out of mind" kinda gal! 

i do not plan on adding to it every day... i plan on just adding when i think something is worth adding, or if i take a fuji instax pic, or have movie stubs... 

here is my first entry... Alicia printed pics up from new years eve right away for us. so i put them right in! 

ok-the other subject on the agenda! something on my "goals for this year" page. part of my "one little word"... "transformation"... 

i decided to start back up with "Couch to 5K". I started it last year (wait-2011 actually) and stopped when i had some testing done. and that was all the excuse i needed to make it "not" habit anymore. 
so there ya go. but it was doable... though i will say at this point, all jogging, even lame slow jogging, is hard. i know it will get easier. but it was hard. it will get easier. and i am sick and tired of my own excuses... so there ya go. 

i did week 1 day 1 yesterday. i didn't die. i am here to tell about it. 
my goal is the Color the Quads color run the first weekend in june. 

i also put more of my natural/organic food beliefs into play. "transformation". yep. that's me. 
in need of a transformation! 

what about you? anything new going on? PL? SMASH book? trying to run/walk? 

I would like to try pilates too... anyone try that before? 

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  1. Great idea! I put ideas for scrap pages and cards in my Smash book. It works for me. Love the purse. My sister-in-law is a Vera Bradley nut. I walked 2 miles yesterday. Keep at it!

  2. coming over from a 2ps post...I too want (oops, NEED) to do Cto5K but I injured my back last week so I'm waiting...no, the Vera bag is not old-lady; in fact my high schooler has the same pattern but in a bigger bag...and I too think I am more committed to SMASHing than a PL thing...I just don't have the discipline! We do have a SMASH group on facebook if you are interested; lmk and I can send you the link! Glad I found your blog! kate

    1. That would be great!! Love ideas!!
      Where on 2 peas did you come over from??

      And thanks for the Vera Bradley encouragement! Lol!

  3. Love.the.bag. Boo about the smash book being bound upside down! Yay for the Couch to 5k. I have started it several times, never finished. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. I am determined to do it, darn it (Couch to 5K)... Hey, you WERE running!! And w/o the Couch to 5K! :)